GoldenCheetah v3.1

logoGoldenCheetah si aggiorna alla versione 3.1. Numerose le novità introdotte. L’Auotore del sw inoltre annuncia anche di aver iniziato a lavorare sulla versione 3.11 (Work on 3.11 starts today, focusing on indoor training.) che dovrebbe focalizzare i propri sforzi sulla compatibilità del sw con i rulli. SPeriamo quindi anche nella gestione degli whaoo sotto windows utilizzando le api per ant+



We are proud to announce that GoldenCheetah v3.1 has been released today.
We have recorded a video to explain the main changes, and the user guide has been overhauled to cover all the main features along with an updatedFAQ.
1. Compare Mode
   * Across Summary, Ride, QA, CP, Histogram, Metric charts
   * Compare Athletes, Seasons, Rides, Intervals
   * Easy and intuitive user interface
2. Additional Power Duration Models
   * Multiple PD models now available
   * Track changes in model estimates for W’, CP, P-Max, FTP over time
   * Track changes in model estimates for any duration over time
2. Merge data from multiple rides into a single ride
3. Share Dialog to upload to multiple services in one click
* Open Athletes in Tabs
* Redesign Tabbed mode with a ChartBar
* Themes and better support for color customisation
* Improved Interactivity (axes, interval hover)
Device enhancements
* Fixed up Tacx Fortius Support
* Pedal Smoothness / Torque Effectiveness support
Metrics and new science
* Plot best x power
* Plot estimated W’, CP, FTP et al
* W’bal implemented with metrics
* Improved UX for chart configuration and setup
* Export data for MMP curves, trends data
* Over 50 new charting options (heat, stack, labels etc etc)





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